Quick gooseberry tart under a fuzzy dome of fresh meringue

Gooseberry Tart with Meringue | GourmetGuerilla I just rediscovered by chance a long lost friend: the good, old cake bottom. The man pleased me with the message that the day care center would be arranged, I would like to make a cake for the summer party. Until tomorrow. Aha.

Daycare centers look after children when their parents are working (thank you for the effort and all the nerves at this point!). The taut and well-organized daily routine of a working parenting unit, however, likes to encounter incomprehension there. How, too short-term? You can bake the cake quickly in the evening - that's no problem. Yes, it is a problem. Not that you did not want to. But who longs to buy the ingredients at the gas station and to cook at 11 pm in the kitchen? Just. And besides, I still do not have a stove. That's how it came about at the time to the Rittertorte without baking.

This time I could pull myself out of the affair with a strawberry soil. Buy cake bottom, strawberries, chocolate balls suitable for children and cast on it - ready. It struck me that I had not eaten fruit for years. Neither on a birthday nor a company drink.

Why has the cake base been so forgotten in recent years? They engage in elaborately decorated cup cakes, filling tartlets with tomka beans and baking lots of matcha biscuits. Of course, these are also very delicious things. But nothing gives fresh, ripe fruit such a good stage as a cake bottom. So simple, so simple and incredibly good! Oh yes, and very fast.

My grandma often had a fruit floor at the weekend. I suddenly remembered that when I stood in the kitchen and scrupulously placed the fruit on the battering tray. In summer she used strawberries, gooseberries and other fresh berries from the garden. The winter variant was populated with bananas or canned fruit. Sometimes pudding was among the fruits and most of the time cake topping. There was always, really always, freshly whipped cream.

Time to give the cake floor again a worthy place in the relevant set of baked goods!

Today we make a gooseberry ground to the gooseberry tart: Basis is a bought sponge soil (shortcrust pastry is somehow too crumbly). As ripe gooseberries are also sour, a layer of lightly sweetened vanilla pudding comes to the floor. I did not split the berries, so you really have the full fruit experience in your mouth. And the cream is replaced by a very tender, fluffy-light and shiny cloud: fresh meringue.

Quick gooseberry tart under a fuzzy dome of fresh meringueQuick gooseberry tart under a fuzzy dome of fresh meringue

How to :

Wash the Gooseberries on Kitchen Crepe carefully dry and then remove the small prickly flower and stems.

Prepare 1/2 sachet of custard powder according to the package instructions (typically 250 ml of milk ) but only add 1 tbsp of sugar .

Put the still hot pudding on the cake tray . Before setting it, place the gooseberries in circles from outside to inside in the pudding.

Now comes the coronation: Separate 2 eggs and place the egg whites in a mixing bowl (the yolks can be used for a Ceasars dressing or Spaghetti Carbonara on the same day).The meringue is ready when the mass is very stiff and shiny.

Of the Red Inge, I still had some dry meringues left. They crumbled into the fresh meringue as crunch.

Quick gooseberry tart under a fuzzy dome of fresh meringue

Put the meringue on the gooseberries with a spoon. In doing so, work irregularly irregularly and shape tips and humps. Finally, briefly overflash the meringue with the hand burner or brown for 1 minute under the hot oven grill. It just looks so pretty!

Are you showing me your favorite fruits or exciting fruit soil combinations?