Lunch Intermezzo

Schnitzelfisch | Today: a small lunch break full of happiness.

first Happiness:
A very nice, free-working colleague spontaneously and without a reason announces herself after a long time and suggests a lunch date. Great!

second Happiness:
We're trying out a restaurant I've never been to before. The entrance area of ​​the "Rialto" - old, sloped steps that lead into the cellar - let me either suspect home-style roulades with dumplings or pizza in a mahogany setting. Instead, we are suddenly in a very modern, bustling and bright room with a direct view of the river. Surprising Hamburg!

3. Happiness:
When the plates arrive, I'm baffled ... my Wiener schnitzel has disguised itself as a fish. In fact, someone had an eye for a good joke in the heat of the lunch-kitchen battle. Chapeau!

I'm swinging back to my desk and feeling well prepared for all the things that are coming ... the world is beautiful!

> Rialto
Restaurant • Cafe • Bar
Michaelisbrücke 3
20459 Hamburg

Tel .: +49 40 36 43 42

Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 23:00
Monday - Friday 12:00 - 15:00 Lunch