Crunchy Lime Semifreddo

Crunchy Line Semifreddo Create a creamy lemon-sweet ice cream dessert in 10 minutes without ice cream maker using a few basic ingredients. Sounds like there's a catch? Nope - no hooks far and wide. Of course that takes a few hours to freeze - but the rest is a no brainer.

The recipe comes from the deliciuous. 5/2011 and had yesterday in my galley premiere: Crunchy Lime Semifreddo (alone the name melts on the tongue ...)

The present test eaters (the husband and Aunt Zaziki) had clearly the thumbs up and wanted to lookup , It's best to make a larger portion and nibble on it all week (unless you're a Slow Carb advocate), because in an airtight tin, icy luck will probably last 1-2 weeks.

1 Pour tin or 400 ml sweetened condensed milk (eg milk girl) into a bowl and leave to cool for a short time.

From 5 - 6 lemons rub the skin finely and then squeeze out the fruit - it should be about 180 ml of lemon juice. Briefly and thoroughly stir the juice and abrasion into the condensed milk until it thickens. Let it cool again.

Whip 1 cup of cream with a hand-held mixer, put it under the lemon-condensed milk mixture and put it back in the fridge.

Approx. 150 g biscuits of your choice finely crumbled. I took almond biscuits as recommended in the recipe. But there are also all other varieties - the main thing they are not too soft and give nice crunchy crumbs.
It is quite easy to crumble, if you put the biscuits in a Glarsichtbeutelbeutel, tightly closes this with a knot and then with the rolling pin over it rolls. If you do not have a rolling pin, you can just beat the bag on the ground until only crumbs are left over (very good for aggression, cough).

Make 1/4 of the condensed milk mixture in an airtight container Fill lockable box (Tupper, Lock & Lock or even HS24) and smooth. Put 1/4 of the biscuit crumb on top and press gently. Then again 1/4 of the condensed milk mixture, biscuit crumbs and so on, until everything is used up.

Close the can and into the freezer compartment. After 5 hours the whole really "Semifreddo" is half-frozen and has a very creamy consistency. After 8 hours or overnight you have a firmer ice. Both taste delicious.

Incidentally, I did not stick to the recipe in two ways:

1. You should lay out the tin with plastic wrap. I saved that. However, if you want to bring the semifreddo whole on the table and divide it into portions, you should use the foil. It helps release from the mold.

2. The individual cream layers should always be allowed to freeze for 10 minutes before the biscuit crumbs are poured into the mold. I did not want to invest that much time. Possibly. The biscuit layers remain crunchy due to the freezing. But it takes just 40 minutes longer to prepare.

Next time, I'll vary a bit and use limes with cantuccini. And try not to make the photo look like an 80s ice cream card.