Coarse turnip soup with creamy Brussels sprouts ragout

Beet soup with creamy Brussels sprouts | In a relationship with a child, many things change. Take, for example, the most important question of the day: " Darling, in which bar do we collapse this evening together? Darling, what are we going to eat this evening? ? "The much tighter version is then " Darling, what am I going to cook tonight? "By the way, in 90% of the cases, this is made up of the female part. In the best of intentions, a collaborative, harmonious evening, of course.

From reliable sources, I know that most noncooking men are fatalistic about this issue with anxiety. After all, the lady of the heart expects a rich and thoughtful answer. And for that the question is just too open. " Something fried or with cheese ," is the well-meaning and somewhat desperate attempt of the man to face the dinner question. This, in turn, causes 99.9% of cases of immediate nervousness in the cook. " You must know what you want to eat ," is the narrow-lipped answer. A grunted " Why, I just said ..." then quickly pushes the situation in directions that are far from the intended harmonious evening design.

All this one can handle fleet-footed by approaching the sensitive topic with as closed as possible questions. " How about a steak tonight? " is a wonderful starting point, for example. The actual question is of course "meat or not meat" - but hey, let's make it clear. The steak issue is under consideration and it is concluded that today is not a meat-by-the-day. Some vegetables would be great. Very good - on to the next stage. " How about a vegetable pan ?" No, vegetable frying pan is not so well imaginable today. Rather a soup, a stew, something warm with substance.

Alright, that's a briefing! A quick check of the refrigerator and the vegetable supplies: rutabaga, brussels sprouts, Mettwürste - it can be made a little bit.

Cozy spoon spoon in the evening looks very harmonious ...

 Beet soup with creamy Brussels sprouts ragout

Coarse turnip soup with creamy Brussels sprouts ragout

And this is how it works for a hungry couple:

Swede soup:
Peel 1 medium-sized turnip
and cut into pieces. 1 onion peel, chop and fry in a large pot in 1 tablespoon butter . Put the swede cubes in the pot and sauté briefly. Add so much vegetable stock or beef stock that the vegetables are barely covered. Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes until the rutabaga is tender. Shortly before the end of the cooking time 1/2 apple cut into small cubes and add to soup. Season the soup with 1 pinch of cinnamon and do not puree it - a few pieces of turnip may still be there. If the soup is too thick, simply dilute with other vegetable broth or cattle stock to the desired consistency. Finally, season to taste with salt .

Brussels sprouts:
While the Cook rutabaga, 250 g Brussels sprouts clean and cut into thin strips.Add the brussel sprouts, sauté briefly and then pour water until it is just covered. Boil and stew for 15 minutes until the Brussels sprouts are very soft. Season with 1/2 tsp. Nutmeg and salt and pepper . Finally put 1 tbsp of creme fraiche .

2- Put 3 tablespoons of the ragout in the center of the plate and pour the soup around.

Swede soup with creamy Brussels sprouts |