Bye earth grain. Thanks for the last 7 years.

GourmetGuerilla Kitchen Tiles I have an ouch toe. For two weeks. In the beginning, I ignored it properly, forced my foot into the office-ready boots every morning, and did the things that needed to be done. Until last Wednesday, after a long night of work and a 14 hour day filming at the client, I finally took off my boots and thought "Hossa ... funny colors. But what are they doing on my toe? Those are more likely to be easter eggs ??! "" No further details - this is not for a food blog.

The doctor on Thursday raised an eyebrow and we could then agree amicably, before Christmas none Surgery operations and to try the whole with rest, bandage, ligaments and creams. After all, mom and mother in law arrived on Friday. So I spent this Christmas forcedly accelerated in the circle of the family on the couch. The right foot always nicely tucked into the bath bowl.

The greatest man of all brought all the food I dictated to the iPhone. And despite absolutely unaufwendiger menu sequences without long downtime in the kitchen, everyone had fun and felt well taken care of. Thanks to Zeh, I learned something for the next Christmas.

Today is the first day I dare to pull a generously cut shoe slowly over my right foot and jump for a moment to go outside. I thought the Earth's grain around the corner (the organic supermodel of my confidence) was an appropriate target. After all, I had read in a Christmas gift from the man a very exciting recipe for chili chocolate mole. There are still two or three ingredients missing. Armed with my favorite shopping bag, I limp around the corner.

But, alas! Large posters await me at the entrance doors. Today is the last day of Erdkorn in Rentzelcenter. The lease has been terminated. The landlord has decided to give the preference and the lease to a bio-supermarket chain from the south in the next year. The earth kernel with its regional orientation has to go.

I'm getting sentimental. Since I moved into this neighborhood with my pregnant belly and without looking at my own feet, I'm shopping here. I've gone through at least two assortment changes and have become very fond of the magician behind the cheese counter and the long-haired types at the cash register. Blind I can find my way around the aisles, bought baby porridge here and tasted the TK-Kötbullar, found natural room perfume and tacos without additives, discovered Blueberry Stilton, bought soymilk, black radish truffled, organic passion fruit and (almost) every wine tried on the shelves.

Short twitches around my mouth. I hate changes! At least such in my direct feeder environment. I am sad and go past the shelves one last time. I would definitely have to do the vegetarian gyros with tsaziki and rice again. Then I think of the employees who are probably going to work without a job next year. While I rumlümmele something lost before the yogurt cooling, two employees carry the first shelves from the store. Now it's time to go. I hurry with Hinkebein to the cheese counter and say goodbye to the best cheese adviser of all. He tells me that he is initially used in another branch. But they are looking for a new shop in the area.

I pay at the cash register, tell the longhaired bye and decide on my lower lip that I will not buy at the follow-up supermarket. Because they are definitely totally stupid. Pöööh!

Bye Erdkorn. And thanks for the last 7 years. I'll miss you.