Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

Above the rooftops of Nice "Ladies and gentlemen, please put your seat backs back in an upright position and fold You raise the tables in front of you. We are now beginning our landing approach to Nice. "Is there a call that would be more convenient? Nice: enjoy a week of sunbathing on the Cote d'Azur, strolling through the city, drifting in the southern flair and, of course, trying all the regional specialties up and down.

You are still floating gently over the snow-covered Alps 5 minutes later, yachts, big and small ships and huge ferries can be seen plowing through the blue sea. Air travel always has something surreal - after two hours flying time you are in a completely different setting. My head lags behind a bit and needs a few hours to arrive "right".

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

But there is no doubt and my head finally nods in agreement: We landed in Nice.

If you're expecting a big, pompous airport, that is Surely you will be surprised by the small, restrained buildings. On the tarmac in front of it park a few larger traffic jets and the inevitable private jets. We immediately ranked the prettiest and fell in love with a sleek, three-door model in solid shades of brown.

Immediately after leaving the plane you feel the warmth and friendly atmosphere. A slight sigh goes through the passengers - everyone seems to have been waiting for it.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

The baggage band was followed by 25 lengthy minutes. The creaking and lamenting tape actually spit out at most 5 suitcases in 5 minutes. In Nice, a single bagged employee probably has to drag the luggage across the tarmac on foot. There is no other way to explain it. However, we were entertained very well during the time. Namely, a former candidate of Germany's next top model sat on the plane, who always did not look very likeable on television. And indeed, Madame was now strutting in the golden Lurex Pullöverchen with a smartphone in one hand and an oversized bag in the other hand, on the treadmill up and down. As she did so, she cooed and giggled so loudly into her cell phone that she had no choice but to listen to everything. One of our favorite phrases was "food? I am a model. I do not eat. Just a bottle of bubbly - hahahaahaahaaa - and everything is fine. Haahahaahaaaa! "If Heidi knew that, she would be as ashamed as we are. Lively clichés - great!

Then our suitcases are still approached on the squeaky tape and it goes in the taxi direction old harbor district. There we have an apartment in a normal apartment building truffled. A look at the bell sign - these are our neighbors for the next week.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au VääääääAbove the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

We are working our suitcases into the 6th floor. The staircase - in the first three storeys still equipped with Mamor - becomes more and more original upwards. From the 4th floor there are slate tiles as stairs and at the top wooden steps with delightful red tiles. We arrived in our apartment. The first view from the terrace makes it clear: we actually live above the rooftops of Nice between picturesque fireplaces and a lot of antiquated TV antennas.Nice neighborhood, that. After a little breather, we go directly on the way. We want to discover Nice! The marina is just a few minutes' walk away and makes an impression with the sleek yachts.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

We continue on the" Promenade des Anglais ", past the imposing war memorial, turn the corner and stay enchanted. Before us, the Panaroma of Nice spreads.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

The Promenade des Anglais stretches along the bay to the horizon. Originally designed by the first English tourists as a charity Kieselweg, is now a developed road along the beach. Not only are there many impressive hotels and complexes, locals and tourists like to stroll along the promenade, relax, look out over the water or go skating with the whole family.

The fixed blue chairs overlooking the water very much used for small breaks, picnics and reading. Also we take a little break and watch the calm sea and pleasure boats with paragliding screens.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

Then we turn off into the old town and come across a fantastic shop: Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

Here you suddenly feel like a 5 year old in the candy heaven. The shop window offers the most incredible delicacies. The candied mandarins, which are famous in the region, are among tons of colorful stuff. You do not even know what that is - but it looks delicious to drop. We have to pull ourselves together a bit ladylike, so as not to flatten our noses on the glass. A great sight to indulge in.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au VääääääAbove the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää Canel
Maitre chocolatier-chocolateries, confiseries
21 rue France NICE 6000 France
Tel: +33 493880329 em>

It's getting dark and we're drifting through the bustling city. There are a lot of people on the street, yet the city radiates a great sense of calm and serenity.

We settle down in a small street bar and watch the traffic and pedestrians around us with a glass of rosé. Then we get hungry and follow a recommendation from our guide: The L`Ovale is known for the young, student audience and the very tasty authentic French food. We have to go there.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääääevening business at L'Oval starts at 19:30 and we are among the first guests. We get a nice little table for two directly at the open window. The waiter shows off his most charming side and we opt for a salad Nicoise as a starter and coq au vin as a main course. We order a bottle of rosé.

There are more and more guests - but, funnily enough, we are the youngest. The students of the neighborhood are obviously not coming. The average age is significantly 50+. In this point, so the guide is wrong. In the quality of the food, however, he keeps his promise. The salad Nicoise is lovingly prepared, very rich and delicious.Braised chicken pieces and potatoes are coated with the strong aromatic sauce. In between you will come across pieces of striped bacon. We sip and empty our bottle of rosé.

Above the rooftops of Nice and Coq au Vääääää

Bonne nuit.

29 rue Pastorelli
NICE 6000 France

Tel. +33 493803165