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Our International Sandwich Shop has been voted “#1 Subs” in Western Illinois for countless years!

As a locally owned family business (since 1982), we take pride in offering our sub-lovers the freshest ingredients for the greatest tasting sub—in the cleanest deli environment you will ever find! 

class="wb-stl-heading2">Our FAMOUS sweet French bread is baked to golden perfection each and everyday to ensure that your sub is unforgettable! Gourmet meats and cheeses are also sliced in our store all day, every day. Even our gyros are hand spun, cut, and layered on our popular authentic pita bread! From the finest quality of service, to the fastest delivery drivers in town, our staff is trained to perfection. Call us for all your catering needs, and we will be sure to impress!
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Jose V.

I have to seriously disagree with some Yelpers about this place. After living here for 12 years, it has to be said this gem has lasted the test of time for a reason. My last several experiences were flawless and I received exactly what I ordered. Here are a few highlights:The Product - The headliner in this show is always the bread. Sweet, soft, doughy, and with a consistency unique amongst others in the category. It has always been consistent. The meat used is pretty standard deli fare and the toppings are always fresh. What's really great is the size of the portions. A large sandwich is a massive 16 inches and can feed up to three. However as an undergrad I could put away one only own. Its a monster of a sandwich. The Service - Always friendly I have always received good service, whether delivery or at the counter. The last time I ate there, the owners son was working the counter and gave great service to a packed lunch crowd. The Setup - One thing I have always liked about this place is how clean it always appeared. You can see all elements of the kitchen from the counter, nothing is hidden from view. You watch your sandwich being made. A btw, I have a quick tip for those who obsess over gloves; you would be shocked how much cleaner washed hands can be than gloves used on multiple orders. The tables and chairs are simple and functional. Its setup for a quick meal during lunch and after-hours. Overall, a longtime Macomb favorite, and a place I will visit again.


Mary T.

Another review, many, many years later, as I continue to get weird messages from the owner of the establishment. I'm in tears from laughter that this "Ray K." keeps messaging me about a review I left for ISS back in 2011 saying the subs were "great drunk food". Ray, it's time to move on, brotha.


Liz P.

This used to be a favorite spot of mine, unfortunately, the quality and service has gone WAY down, while the prices have gone up. The last time I went in, I spent an obscene amount of money on a steak sub. It was mostly bread, with minimal toppings. I wish I would have taken a picture to show how poorly it was proportioned. I have not been back since, it has gone downhill significantly, which is unfortunate. If you are looking for a nice sandwich try Palermos instead-they appreciate the business and treat their customers accordingly.


Raven T.

It's been 9 months since I've visited this place spoke to the owner and his wife who were unhappy with me but gave me the refund for the sandwich they claim the tried to deliver and I never received. 9 months and I receive a harassing message from them (Ray). This is way out of line. I gave an honest review and left them alone. To stalk me down 9 months later is unacceptable!


Rob M.

Jimmy Johns, Subway, go to Walmart and buy bread and some meat, you'll be better off with any of these options.


Linda M.

We happened upon this place while in town for a tournament. I wish they had a location in St. Louis! The bread is soft and delicious and pairs perfectly with the meat and cheeses. The gyros are yummy. Try the baklava...it is heavenly. The owners were very friendly and made us feel welcome. If we get up to this area again, we will definitely stop in.


donnie d.

Twenty years ago this would be a five star review, but my how things have changed. They used to pile on the toppings and now they are unbelievable cheap with them. All you get is bread, one thin layer of meat that is about the same quality as Karl Buddig lunch meat from Aldi's, and some attitude with the service. The gyros have about one tenth the meat that even a cheap gyro would have in any city and they microwave the meat instead of shaving it off the spit and/or grilling it. It tastes like garbage, so I guess maybe it is good they don't give you enough of it. Best to avoid this place and the mean spirited owner who blames the customer instead of apologizing and making things right. Macomb is so limited in its food choices it is a shame  a once decent place and regular part of my college years has become so bad over time.


Kayla S.

Just ok. Stopped in on our way through town. It wasn't great, just underwhelming. The prices seemed a little high for what you get. I imagine this place is popular with the college party crowd, but not something I'd recommend for a tourist passing through town.


Chris K.

Best sub sandwiches in macomb!  I love the bread it's awesome!  The staff is very friendly!  And they deliver!  The sandwiches are HUGE,  I always have some for later.  You will definitely get full if you eat here!


Kevin W.

Great sandwich, friendly staff, and convenient location. The sweet french bread made for a great twist on the usual sub sandwich. Will definitely be back!


John W.

Shitty sammich joint! Place is filthy workers are gross don't wash hands and handle money then get right back in the meat with bare hands. Expensive for what you get. Not worth it at all. You get next to no meat on the bread. Subway puts more on their sandwich and that's sad. Only way his dump stays open is that it is right across the street from campus.


Jay R.

They don't wear gloves when they make sandwiches. It is absolutely disgusting to see some college kid slap on turkey breast with his bare hands. So gross. Plus, there's only like 2 in shop workers at a time, so they are constantly touching money and then going back to make the sandwiches. I didn't even think this was legally allowed based on my previous experiences with working in food service. As a WIU freshman, you don't realize the gross-ness at first. But quickly you realize how disgusting the food standards in Macomb are.


David S.

Best sub sandwichs around in Macomb. Very friendly saff and the owner Ray is very friendly too. He always say hello to you. Keep up the good work Ray. Call them  and they will Deliver your order to you anywhere you are are in Macomb.


Ashley J.

When I went to Western, everyone raged about ISS .. i'm not sure why. There is really nothing special about their sandwiches, but I guess since there's not much to choose from in Macomb, ISS is one of the few options.. AND mostly anything begins to taste better after months of cafeteria/union food.The shop itself is nothing special either.. When I went to Western, they had plastic chairs/tables.. nothing fancy at all .. ISS is good for a nice trip after the bars though .. unless you happen to catch the hot dog guy in the square instead!


J. C.

You are better off to stick with Jimmy Johns for cold cuts. The service wasn't great. No one had gloves. I asked for no tomato and the guy opened my sandwich with his hands and removed the tomatoes and handed it back to me. The sandwich was below average. The bread was overly sweet and just doesn't hold a candle to Jimmy John's or even just some basic fast food.


Sarah R.

This place is literally across the street from Western Illinois University which is a dream location for a business in a town like Macomb. Last time I was there it was lunch time on a week day, but the line was small and moved really fast. The person taking orders had military precession or something. I think she was the owner. The interior is very plain, but there were more than enough tables. I saw some pinball or arcade games in the back, but didn't check to see if they worked. Cool throw back to my childhood.The bread is baked fresh and it was amazing. Kind of sweet, but in a good way and soft. I ordered a regular sandwich and even through it was good I wish I'd taken longer to look at the menu. They also have lots of interesting Mediterranean meals I want to try, like the hummus veggie pita wrap, feta cheese wrap, or stuffed grape leaves. Not things you see very often!The parking lot is very small, maybe 5 spaces tops, but there's a residential area behind the shop if that parking ever fills. They also deliver and it was surprisingly cheap; maybe even . It's nice to see a sandwich shop that isn't another Subway.


Luke S.

I am being generous with the 4 star review. I enjoyed my sub, but it was late night and I probably would have enjoyed anything after the amount of cheap Macomb liquor that was consumed. All of my friends who went to school here raved about it, so we gave it a whirl. The subs weren't cheap, but the ingredients were pretty good. I wasn't a huge fan of the bread, but I like a little crispiness on the outside and it was really soft. Overall not a bad place to grab a sub.


Candy C.

Best subs ever. The Italian Special is amazing. This is required eating if you are in Macomb.


Tris T.

Big sandwich, really simple, and yummy! Like others have said, fun to stop by during late night strolls on Adams Street.  Even better, delivery the next day!


Josh W.

It typically is between this and Jimmy Johns if it is late night and you want a good sandwich. They They do deliver, though I do not know how late. Food is good and service is typically very fast. Definitely a good choice for those on the WIU Campus as it is right across street within easy walking distance.

About International Sandwich Shop and reviewsAbout International Sandwich Shop and reviews  About International Sandwich Shop and reviews